Unparalleled manufacturing and delivery lead times; A direct result of our investment in technology and our commitment to innovation.

IO Lab utilizes the latest in manufacturing technology and operates a modern omni-channel commerce platform that's deeply integrated with its live inventory & ERP systems. The result is increased bottom line and faster recovery time for your patients.

Interested in innovating along with us? We've developed a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow select partners to more seamlessly integrate with our platform, providing a range of services we know your patients will love. Contact us to find out more.


Where all orders are scanned and visible during production and shipping
updates are sent with every order.


When your patients' casts and corresponding prescription form arrive in the laboratory, an individual production/order number is assigned and the items are segmented for production. The cast may be plaster of paris, foam impression, STS sock, LaserMark Scan or Accu Pin Scan.


The order details are documented and entered into our systems; the prescription form scanned and saved in our proprietary custom data base platform; and the work order scanned into our production systems.


The casting information is captured and analyzed by our technicians and quantified information is stored in our systems database for future reference and ordering.


The individual files are corrected according to prescription and the desired materials are formed over the positive models for each orthotic.


Quality checks are performed with the newly moulded orthotic shell and the materials are scanned into the next phase of production - grinding.


The devices are scanned as they enter the posting and grinding stages where they are fabricated to prescription and ground to a precise fit to ensure comfort.


Once again the order is scanned into the work station where our adhesive team pays strict attention to detail during fabrication placing accommodations, and covering selections to the custom orthotic device.


The final stage of production is where the products are finished to size or to fit exactly into the footwear selected, our skilled technicians pay close attention to every detail.


Finally the product reaches our quality control and pre-shipment department where all orders are scanned and every aspect is examined against the original order forms.


The shipping department collects all products; once your order is scanned and allocated for delivery your account will receive an update email containing the courier tracking information.


We support various methods of foot modelling from our practitioners. Whether it's foam impressions, plaster casts, or digital scanning, we can deliver. Lead time on traditional casting may increase slightly, but as a partner of IO Lab you’ll enjoy some of the fastest turnaround in the industry.


Upload your patients' digital prescription along with your footwear order simultaneously through our secure online ordering portal. If your practice does not currently use digital scanners in the assessment process, please contact one of our representatives to schedule a consultation and we'll be happy to demonstrate this technology.



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